Glengarry Private Hospital
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Additional Services

Lactation Consultant:

Lactation Consultants are available should you require assistance with Breast Feeding whilst an inpatient.

Outpatient Lactation Consultant appointments are available as required and a fee for this service is incurred. This fee may not attract a rebate from your health fund, please check with your health fund. For appointments please call (08) 9246 6341.

All midwives working in Maternity are available at all times to assist you to establish your baby’s feeding. Whichever method of feeding you choose our staff will support and encourage your choice.

Maternity Home Visiting Program

Providing you and your baby are both well, you have the option of returning home to your family within 24-48 hours of the birth of your baby through the Maternity Home Care Program.

This in-home professional healthcare program encompasses parenting support, breastfeeding education, and baby checks and weighs. The newborn screening test can also be incorporated.

As part of this program, a midwife will conduct a visit with you and your baby in your home. This visit will be arranged by phone on the next weekday post discharge. You will also have access to 24-hour telephone support operated by Glengarry Private Hospital’s Maternity Centre.

This program is available to patients who live within a 25km radius of Glengarry Private Hospital.

For more information about this Program, please discuss it with your obstetrician or with your midwife during your Midwives’ Clinic appointment.