Glengarry Private Hospital
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Medical Rehabilitation & Aged Care Unit


Your doctor now feels that you are ready for the process of rehabilitation.

The goal of our the team is to help patients achieve their independence and progress from hospital to home.  The focus of our team is to encourage you to be as independent as possible - including dressing and showering yourself.

Our multi-disciplinary team comprises of;

  • Physicians in Rehabilitation & Aged Care (PRACWA)
  • Nurses, Allied Health Staff (Physiotherapist, Social Worker, Occupational Therapist, Dietician, Therapy Assistant)
  • Pastoral Care
  • Domestic, Clerical staff and Volunteers


The 20 bed rehabilitation unit offers private single room accommodation with ensure bathrooms and access to outside garden areas.

The unit encourage domestic living routines and daily gym attendance to promote rehabilitation, good health and independence.

In this environment the qualified staff can assist you to easily conduct domestic activities, which may be difficult for you.

Operating under a multidisciplinary team approach, doctors, nursing, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and social work all have major input into the treatment and ongoing management of patients.

Services Provided

  • Inpatient rehabilitation
  • Multidisciplinary holistic care
  • Falls prevention education and minimisation strategies
  • Home assessment by an Occupational Therapist if required
  • Prescription and advise about equipment in the home to aid mobility
  • Coordination of community and support services
  • Carer support and education
  • Pet therapy morning tea

Your Rehabilitation

The following will assist you in your rehabilitation.

  • While in the unit it is preferred that you wear your normal day clothes to assist in becoming independent with dressing.  

  • Wear comfortable clothing that is not too long or loose.  Whenever you are up and about wear comfortable, low-heeled and nonslip shoes that fit you well, rather than slippers.

  • We encourage our patients to sit out of bed during the day, especially for meals.  Attending your therapy and education sessions is a vital part of your rehabilitation.  Family and friends are encouraged to support patients by observing any dietary, seating or mobility requirements.

  • An unfamiliar environment and medication or fatigue may affect your balance and ability to move safely while in hospital. That’s why we ask you to take particular care when moving about, because your safety and well being is important to us.

Catering Services

We believe food is a vital and important part of enjoying life and good health. Each day you will receive a menu from which to choose your meals. Our dietician devised this menu and our Executive Chef and his staff prepare the food. The catering department will make every effort to accommodate your preferences.

Reason for Referral

Patients who may be referred for rehabilitation would include;

  • Patient with private health care and DVA from any other hospital, medical or surgical unit or community facility.

  • People at home with significant or multiple medical problems affecting their independence who have private or DVA health cover.

  • Medical Referral is required for all admissions. 

Medical Rehabilitation & Aged Care Contact Details


Dr Barry Vieira

Tel: 9400 9723
9400 9726

Dr Christopher Chung

Tel: 9400 9425
 9400 9067

Dr Richard Cordell

Tel: 9400 9723
 9400 9726

Dr Nicole Lothe

Tel: 9346 8107
 9346 8313

Dr Larry Liew
(Palliative Care Physician)

Tel: 9346 8227
9346 8445

Dr Sujatha Kawryshanker 

Tel: 9400 9723
Fax: 9400 9726

Hospital Contacts

Main Hospital 9447 0111
Clinical Coordinator 9246 6347
Bookings Coordinator 9246 6390
Physiotherapist 9246 6411
Occupational Therapist 9246 6411
Social Worker 9246 6307
Speech Therapist 9400 9460
Dietician 9400 9196