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Essential Information

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Essential Information 

Essential Information

Baby identification

Newborn babies are identified with two name tags which are placed on the baby immediately following the birth. Please inform staff if a name tag slips off so it can be replaced.

Visiting hours

We are asking for your understanding that you consider not visiting the hospital unless you are an immediate family member or carer of the patient.

The requirement for social distancing has resulted in a decision to limit the number of visitors to our facilities.

Visitors are required to sign in at reception and are limited to two visitors per patient per day. 

Should you choose for your partner to board, these visiting times do not apply, however no additional visitors will be permitted into the hospital during your stay. 

Current visiting hours

Monday to Friday: 11am - 8pm

Saturday and Sunday: 11am - 6pm

Below are our regular visiting hours which are currently suspended.

Visiting hours are between 10am and 8pm.  Rest period is between 1pm and 2.30pm and we encourage no visitors during this time.

Due to the fluid nature of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the Ramsay Health Care visitor policy is subject to change.

What to bring to hospital

For you

  • Your current medications in their original package
  • Portable music if required for labour
  • Night attire and clothing/shoes/slippers whilst in hospital
  • Clothes for discharge
  • Personal toiletries (soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, sanitary pads,breast pads)
  • Medicare Card and Health Insurance details/book/card
  • Glasses, reading material, notepad/ writing paper

For your baby

  • Clothes for discharge
  • If you wish to formula feed your baby, please bring your choice of baby formula, that is suitable for newborns, bottles and teats.

Will your health insurance cover you and your baby?

We recommend you contact your health fund regarding your cover to ensure it is appropriate for your needs and that your cover applies to your new baby. We’ll submit your hospital claim to your health fund on your behalf but you will need to submit all other accounts (eg from your obstetrician, anaesthetist, paediatrician, pathology, radiology etc). If you have queries regarding costs in relation to your upcoming admission, please contact us (link).  We know health and billing charges can be confusing and we’re here to assist in any way, however we also advise you seek clarification from your doctor and health fund.

Rooming in

We encourage you to keep your baby in your room with you at all times, as this encourages

  • Enhanced bonding
  • Opportunities for learning practical parenting skills in a supportive environment
  • Establishment of lactation or feeding practices
  • Increased confidence
  • Decreased risk of cross infection

Film equipment in birth suite and operating theatre

See information on film equipment in birth suite and the operating theatre.