Glengarry Private Hospital
Part of Ramsay Health Care

Sleep Lab

CRS has partnered with Glengarry Private Hospital to provide an inpatient sleep service to patients in the northern suburbs!

Inpatient sleep studies are the gold standard investigation for sleep disorders, especially in patients where there is likely to be mild to complex sleep apnoea or a high likelihood of other sleep disorders, such as periodic limb movement syndrome or sleep hypoventilation. Eligibility for an inpatient supervised sleep study is determined during the booking process, where CRS staff assess whether an inpatient or homebased sleep study is more appropriate as per ASA and Medicare criteria.

Key facts:

  • 3 bed sleep lab, operating weekly.
  • Immediate availability for both inpatient sleep studies and home-based sleep studies at our outpatient rooms.
  • No-gap provider of in-lab sleep studies (dependent on patient’s level of cover and insurer; excess may apply).
  • Comfortable private rooms and private bathrooms.
  • Evening refreshments (supper service) and continental breakfast tray provided to all patients.
  • Studies performed by highly trained sleep technicians.
  • Sleep studies reported upon in a timely manner by specialist trained Sleep and Respiratory Physicians.
  • Ability to facilitate clinical support and management of patients with sleep-disordered breathing or other sleep issues.

How to refer:

  • Send all referrals to:
  • CRS staff will determine eligibility for inpatient or home-based sleep study and confirm Medicare eligibility.
  • Find CRS referral templates on your Best Practice software or order CRS referral pads via
  • Referral templates for medical software are available for download from:

P 1300 130 930

F 08 9389 5322

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