Glengarry Private Hospital
Part of Ramsay Health Care

Day Surgery and Endoscopy Patients


What to bring

  • Referral letter from your GP
  • X-rays
  • Hearing aid
  • Glasses if needed for reading – there will be forms to sign on admission
  • Medicare card
  • Don’t bring valuables as the hospital can’t accept responsibility for lost or damaged items

On arrival, please report to the receptionist in the day unit where you’ll be asked to complete some paper work.  You’ll then be prepared for your procedure. You should expect your stay to last between 3 and 4 hours. Please note visitors are restricted in the day unit in the interests of patient privacy. Please arrange for a friend or relative to assist you in getting home safely. Our staff will contact your escort when you’re ready to leave.


On discharge, you’ll receive a written report with the results of your procedure. If you’re having sedation / anaesthetic, you must have organised someone stays overnight with you. You mustn’t drive or operate hazardous machinery for 24 hours and we also advise you don’t make important personal or business decisions for 24 hours.