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Know My Midwife

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Know My Midwife Program

Know my midwife - about the program

About Know My Midwife

At Glengarry Private Hospital, we understand women want to feel empowered, informed, supported and reassured throughout their pregnancy and birth journey. We want to provide mums-to-be every opportunity to get to know us, as we get to know you.

The Know My Midwife program allows you to choose a midwife to be by your side, with you every step of the way throughout pregnancy, birth and your post-natal journey, sharing the care with your chosen obstetrician.

The role of a Midwife

“Knowing your midwife - being cared for by, and able to build a trust and rapport with, the same midwife during pregnancy (or even pre-conception), through labour and birth, and into the early weeks of mothering - has benefits for mothers, babies and society”
- Australian College of Midwives

The word midwife essentially means ‘with woman’. It is a value-system which considers the journey of bringing a child into the world, and raising them, to be important and profound.

In partnership with your Obstetrician, who will provide specialist pregnancy & birth related care, your midwife will also care for your holistic health needs – physical, emotional, social, spiritual and cultural, and the needs of your baby.

As part of the Know My Midwife program, you’ll have a dedicated midwife to care for you during pregnancy, support you during labour, and be with you during birth. You’ll also connect with your midwife around 6 weeks post-natal.

  • Minimum 4 x antenatal appointments at Glengarry Private Hospital with your dedicated Midwife. These will be scheduled at regular intervals throughout your pregnancy, in addition to your Obstetrician appointments.
  • Your midwife booked in for your labour & birth – whether it’s a spontaneous labour, or elective caesarean – she’ll be there to support you.
  • 1 x post-natal appointment at Glengarry Private Hospital with your dedicated midwife – so we can check in with you and your little one..
  • All our usual maternity services are still included, such as antenatal classes, breastfeeding advice, and parenting education & support.
How does the program work
How does the program work
How does the program work
How does the program work


“I became a midwife as I wanted the opportunity to support women during their journey of pregnancy, birth and transition into motherhood. I’m an advocate for education; ensuring women are informed throughout & families feel prepared for this important, special time in their life. As a midwife, it’s a privilege to be part of their life-changing experience.”

Midwife Deb


“I always wanted to pursue maternity care, but this was further reinforced after the birth of my own children. I was forever moved by the care the midwives provided me with, and wanted other women to have the same precious experience. My philosophy is all about giving women choice and ensuring their preferences are always considered; the birthing process is a personal, individual journey.”

Midwife Dionne


“I became a nurse at 18, wanting to become a midwife ever since I was playing with dolls as a child. I feel passionate about all women having access to a known midwife, and the positive impact this has for both mum & baby. For me, there’s no greater satisfaction than empowering women to feel confident in their innate ability to bring their baby into the world.”

Midwife Sue

There is no cost to mums-to-be; it’s all part of our maternity service at Glengarry Private Hospital. If you’d like to take part in the program and have already booked in with your chosen Glengarry Private Hospital Obstetrician, then ask your Obstetrician for a referral at your earliest appointment & we’ll do the rest.

Interested in Know My Midwife, but don’t yet have an Obstetrician? Visit our specialist page here for more.

If you’d like more information or have a specific question on the program, simply complete the form below & we’ll get back to you.

Please be aware, program places are limited and placement is not guaranteed.

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