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Maternity Pre-admission

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Maternity Pre-admission

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How to book

Once your pregnancy has been confirmed and you have arranged an appointment with an obstetrician, please fill in our online booking registration form. You will receive an automatic email reply to confirm that your online registration has been received and then a Information Booklet will be forwarded to you in the mail. Please note that your maternity booking at Glengarry Private is not guaranteed until we have received your completed paperwork. For any questions or queries regarding maternity bookings please email

Alternatively, you can contact our Admissions Department on (08) 9447 0111 for information on booking into the maternity unit.

Private health insurance

Contact your private health fund who will confirm your level of cover and advise you if there is an excess or co-payment on your policy.

Previous medical treatment

If you have been receiving treatment elsewhere – especially outside Australia – please be sure to advise your specialist.

Pre-admission interview

A pre-admission interview with one of Glengarry Private Hospital's midwives will be conducted around 30 weeks of pregnancy. Please phone (08) 9447 0111 between 9am-3pm (Monday – Friday) to arrange your interview.

During your appointment you will be asked to finalise your paperwork and an obstetric history will be completed by our admission Midwife. You will also be given information on when and how to contact delivery suite, facilities available, and any additional information as required. 

When to come to hospital

Please telephone the Maternity Unit before coming to the hospital or if you are experiencing any of the following

  • Ruptured membranes (“water breaking”) can be intermittent or continuous leaking of fluid
  • If you experience any bright bleeding
  • Regular contractions
  • Premature labour – (before 37 weeks)
  • If you require pain relief
  • If you are concerned with the movements of your baby
  • If you feel unwell.
  • Unusual or severe abdominal pain

Access to Delivery Suite

Always use the front entrance of the hospital whenever possible. Please ring and let the maternity staff know you are coming.

After hours access to Delivery Suite

Please ring and let the maternity staff know that you are coming between 8.30pm and 6.00am. Proceed to the after hours entrance located at end of the hospital car park in Arnisdale Road, press the bell and a midwife will attend to you.