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Mr Murilo Leie

MBBS(Hons), MSSc, FRACS(Orth)

Mr Murilo Leie is an Orthopaedic Surgeon with interests in hips and knees. Urgent appointments are available depending on the nature of the injury. Surgery is available on a no gap or known gap basis. Mr Leie accepts Workers Compensation cases.

Background and Training

Dr Murilo Leie studied orthopaedic surgery in Southern Brazil in 2015 where he practised as a consultant for 2 years until he decided to do his Master's Degree in Surgical Science with a focus on knee surgery. He also did a fellowship in revision knee arthroplasty in Brazil before he moved to Australia in 2017 where he had the unique opportunity to attend another two orthopaedic fellowships and sub-specialisation of knee surgery under with A/Prof Leo Pinczewski and Dr David Parker who are well-known worldwide famous and respected orthopaedic surgeons. 

After completing the process of medical specialty recognition, Dr Murilo Leie has become an Australian orthopaedic surgeon and Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons. Since 2020 Dr Murilo Leie has adopted a highly sophisticated and minimally invasive technique of robotic hip and knee arthroplasty surgery for his patients. Regarding sport-related injuries of the knee, Dr Murilo Leie is one of the very few who is proficient in complex multi ligament reconstruction as well as revision and primary ACL reconstruction. 

Dr Murilo Leie shares a holistic approach to the patients, prioritising their personal demands and optimising their risk factors before surgery.

*Anterior and Posterior Cruciates primary and revision surgery through all-inside techniques,
* Collateral ligaments surgery
* Multiligament reconstruction of the knee
* Meniscal reparative surgery
* Cartilage restoration and reconstruction procedures (MACI, OAT)
* Osteotomies around the knee-Patient Specific Instrumentation (PSI)
* Robotic-Assisted partial and total knee replacement
* Robotic Assisted total hip replacement
Spanish, Portuguese