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The Glengarry Early Parenting Centre 

Your breathing space

The Glengarry Early Parenting Centre is designed to help parents overcome the physical, emotional and social challenges a new baby can bring. 

The Centre will support parents with common difficulties, including:

  • Infant sleep and settling
  • Establishing age-appropriate routines
  • Feeding difficulties and introducing solids
  • Reflux and colic
  • Adjusting to early parenting
  • Attachment

Families are guided by a specialised team of nurses experienced in maternity, mental health, child health and infant development. A multi-disciplinary team of lactation consultants, paediatricians, psychologists and psychiatrists are also available as an additional resource, depending on the challenge parents are experiencing. Together, our qualified staff provide an integrated approach in a nurturing environment, working in partnership with families to address their specific concerns.

Desired outcomes upon completion of the program may include increasing parent’s skills and confidence in responding to the needs of their baby, improving sleep and settling behaviours, establishing an age-appropriate routine or supporting secure bonding and attachment interactions between parents and their babies.

The Glengarry Early Parenting Centre will provide support through a residential  4-night program for the parent/primary caregiver and infants aged from 6 weeks – 12 months. The Centre is  located on site at Glengarry Private Hospital in Duncraig. Featuring 5 comfortable, single private rooms with ensuite for parent or primary caregiver, the Centre has been newly developed to create a nurturing, warm space within the professional hospital environment. Age-appropriate infants will sleep in a monitored baby pod, should parents not wish their baby to room-in.

A modern, communal lounge and dining space is available for parents to enjoy meal times and general leisure time.

During your stay, our team will support you to care for your baby and address the particular challenge you are experiencing. Our approach is flexible, recognising that the needs of each individual family is unique.

Our program is a residential 4 night program. The admission days are variable. There is an expectation you will stay the full 4 nights, unless you or your infant become unwell.

Your stay at The Glengarry Early Parenting Centre is covered by private health insurance, however we encourage you to check with your individual fund. Depending on your policy or level of cover, an excess may be applicable. Alternatively, we can do a fund check on your behalf during the pre-admission process.

In terms of out of pocket expenses, there will be a small fee for the paediatrician consultation for your baby; a requirement for admission to the Centre. If you require any additional consultations from the multi-disciplinary team (lactation consultants, psychologists, psychiatrists), this will also have an associated cost.

Please note, those not covered by private health are still eligible to take part in the program however a self-insured rate will apply, depending on the needs of parent and baby.

To begin the admission process, please follow these steps;

  1. A GP or Paediatrician must complete the Medical Referral
  2. You are to complete the Pre-Admission Assessment and Edinburgh Post-natal Depression Scale forms
  3. E-mail all three  (3) forms to:

All three (3) forms can be downloaded from the links above.

Within 2 working days of receiving the completed forms (Medical Referral, Pre-Admission Assessment and the Edinburgh Post-natal Depression Scale), the Centre will conduct a telephone Pre-Admission Assessment with you to discuss the program, your goals and determine your suitability for the program in meeting the Admission Criteria. 

If you have met this Admission Criteria, the Centre will provide an estimated admission date. We will then require you to complete an Online Admission Form with your baby's details. More information will be provided once staff have confirmed your booking.

  • Discuss with your partner and support people their level of involvement
  • Keep in touch with your GP and Child Health Nurse
  • Whilst waiting, take up offers of support from family and friends
  • Medicare Card
  • Child Health Record (purple book)
  • Private Health Fund details

For Parent

  • Casual, comfortable day clothes for the duration of your stay and sensible footwear
  • Night attire
  • Personal toiletries ( including hair dryer and sun lotion in warmer months)
  • Current medications
  • Leisure materials (e.g. books, magazines, journal etc.)
  • Notebook and Pen
  • Small amount of money for incidentals (café and local shopping centre nearby)
  • Personal electronics (e.g. Laptop, iPad, phone, including chargers & headphones)
  • Expressing equipment if required

For Baby

  • Clothing for the duration of your stay
  • Baby Toiletries (e.g. baby bath gel/moisturising lotion, nappy rash cream etc)
  • Stroller/Pram/Rocker
  • Favourite toys, books and play mat.
  • Bibs, swaddles/wraps or age-appropriate sleeping bags
  • Current medications
  • Bottles, bottle brush, teats, formula and infant cup (if required)
  • Disposable nappies/wipes/nappy bags for the duration of your stay
  • Any favourite dry snacks (rusks etc.)

Please note, Laundry facilities are not provided.

Glengarry Private Hospital will provide

  • Towels, linen
  • Individual steam sterilisation bag
  • All main meals will be provided. Your baby will enjoy a separate age-appropriate menu, including purees for babies on first solids.

We recommend you leave valuable personal items at home, including money and jewellery as we cannot accept responsibility for the loss or damage of any item brought into the hospital. For safety reasons, we ask you not to bring the following to the Centre;

  • Alcohol
  • Cot toys and comforters which are made from beans/beads, have buttons or glass eyes, make noise/have lights.

Our staff will contact you two weeks after your discharge to check on your progress and to offer support and guidance. It is recommended you visit your GP and Child Health Nurse for on-going support appropriate to your infants age.


Admissions are generally covered by private health insurance though we encourage you to check with your individual health fund as to any out of pocket costs. An excess may be applicable depending on your policy and level of cover. As part of the pre-admission process, staff can also complete a fund check on your behalf.  

Our rooms are single, private rooms and so partners are unable to stay overnight. However we support your partner or other support person to spend time in the Centre and to attend the Partner and Carer group education sessions. This will assist the family unit to work together to understand your individual program.

If you or any members of your family are currently suffering from these symptoms, we request that you do not come into the Centre.

At any time during your stay if you or your infant become physically unwell it is likely that you will be required to be discharged and return when you are well and a bed is available.

Our approach is based on the principles of responsive settling. Individual  strategies can differ for each infant taking into consideration their age, habits, physical and emotional histories. We use age appropriate routines and individualise to meet the needs of both parent and baby, and their particular situation.

Your partner or other support person is strongly encouraged to spend time in the Centre in order for them to also understand your program (please see 'Can My Partner Stay' above)

For visiting siblings, we recommend shorter, afternoon visits. The Centre can provide information on nearby local parks for any family outings should you wish. We discourage other visitors from coming into the Centre.

Parking is on-site and free, however please be aware parking is not monitored for security.

Our experienced catering team have created a dedicated breakfast, lunch and dinner menu for you to enjoy during your stay. There is a separate, age-appropriate menu for babies which includes purees for infants on first solids.

If you have any specific dietary requirements, please inform the staff prior to your admission.

We encourage all families to go out for a regular walk and outings. Near to the Hospital is a small local shopping centre, cafe and various parks. If you have an appointment that you are unable to cancel whilst you are attending the program, please discuss this with the staff prior to admission.

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Glengarry Private Hospital  

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