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Frequently Asked Questions

You can contact your Health Fund directly and find out if you have any out-of-pocket costs for a stay at the Early Parenting Centre. Let them know that it is a medical stay under sleep studies or digestive issues with no item number, your baby will be the patient. Some health funds may have exclusions, excesses or waiting periods. The cost of your stay is dependent on the level of cover you have with your health insurance provider. Alternatively, the hospital will do a fund check for you.

Self-funding is available. Please contact our Nurse Unit Manager on 9246 6341 to request a quote.

Accommodation is for one care giver to stay overnight only. Care givers may alternate who stays. Your partner can visit at any time, but we can only accommodate 1 parent overnight (from midnight onwards).

If you or your baby are physically unwell (i.e. virus or gastroenteritis) we request that you do not come into the unit. Please contact us as soon as possible and we will reschedule your admission.

At any time during your stay if you or your infant become physically unwell it is likely that you will be required to be discharged from the unit and return when you are well, and a bed is available.

Responsive settling is a gentle approach to interpreting your infant’s cries/grizzles and responding to these accordingly to support them in learning the art of drifting off to sleep independently. We work in partnership with you in finding the best way for you and your infant, based on what you are comfortable with, to achieve your goals. This process may vary in length of time, as all infants are unique and individual in their needs.

The Glengarry Early Parenting Centre is inclusive of family. Partners and other caregivers are encouraged to spend time during your stay to participate in all aspects of understanding the strategies for management of your infant and working within your family unit to help you achieve your goals. We encourage shorter visits for young children. We suggest you keep other visitors to a minimum and take the opportunity to rest.

Parking is free all around the hospital. You are welcome to park your car here for the full five days if required.

Please inform the staff prior to your admission so that the kitchen can be aware of your specific dietary requirements on arrival. If you are on a restricted diet, it may be an idea to bring in some of your favourite snacks, as well as your preferred milk. There is a fridge in your room to store anything that needs to be kept cold.

We encourage all families to go out for a regular walk, weather permitting.

If you have an appointment scheduled during your stay that you don’t want to cancel, please discuss this with staff prior to admission.

Should you no longer require an admission to our Centre please contact the Nurse Unit Manager as soon as possible so your place can be offered to another family.

If you have any queries or concerns prior to your admission, please feel free to contact our Nurse Unit Manager via email or phone.

9246 6341