Glengarry Private Hospital
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Cost for the program and eligibility criteria

Your stay at the Glengarry Early Parenting Centre is covered by private health insurance, however we encourage you to check with your individual fund. Depending on your policy or level of cover, an excess may be applicable. As our rooms are all private rooms, you may also be required to pay a supplement fee per night if your policy only covers shared accommodation. Alternatively, we can do a fund check on your behalf during the pre-admission process. Your baby must be be on your health insurance policy in order to be covered.

In terms of out of pocket expenses, there will be a fee for the paediatrician consultation for your baby; a requirement for admission to the Centre. If you require any additional consultations from the multi-disciplinary team (lactation consultants), this will also have an associated cost.

Please note, those not covered by private health are still eligibile to take part in the program however a self-insured rate will apply, depending on the needs of parent and baby.

To be eligible for the program babies need to be aged between 6 weeks and 12 months, not be actively walking and need to be immunised.

To download our brochure & for more information, complete the enquiry form here. Alternatively, call the centre on (08) 9246 6341.

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