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Medical Rehabilitation and Aged Care Unit

Medical Rehabilitation and Aged Care Unit

Our multi-disciplinary team comprises of

  • Physicians in Rehabilitation & Aged Care (PRACWA)
  • Nurses, allied health staff (physiotherapists, social workers, occupational and speech therapists, dieticians)
  • Pastoral care
  • Domestic, clerical staff and volunteers

Our health professionals work together to provide treatment and ongoing management of patients.

Services provided

  • Inpatient rehabilitation
  • Multidisciplinary holistic care
  • Falls prevention education and minimisation strategies
  • Home assessment by an occupational therapist if required
  • Prescription and advice about equipment in the home to aid mobility
  • Coordination of community and support services
  • Carer support and education
  • Pet therapy morning tea


This 20 bed rehabilitation unit offers private single rooms with private ensuite bathrooms and access to outside gardens. The unit encourages domestic living routines and daily gym attendance to promote rehabilitation, good health and independence.

Your rehabilitation

The following will assist in your rehabilitation

  • While in the unit, it’s preferred you wear your normal everyday clothes to assist in becoming independent with dressing
  • Wear comfortable clothing that’s not too long or loose. Whenever you’re up and about, wear comfortable, low-heeled and nonslip shoes that fit you well, rather than slippers
  • Sit out of bed during the day, especially for meals. We encourage you to attend all therapy and education sessions as they’re vital for your rehabilitation

Catering services

Food and nutrition is an important part of attaining good health and enjoying life. Each day you’ll receive a menu from which to choose your meals which are devised by our dietician and prepared by our chef and his team. We’ll always make every effort to accommodate your preferences.

Contact details


Dr Barry Vieira
Dr Kevin Kwan 
Dr Richard Cordell 
Dr Jake Harper 
Dr Nicole Lothe 
Dr Larry Liew (Palliative Care Physician) 
Dr Sujatha Kawryshanker  

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